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Just okay...
July 27, 2021
All in all not a terrible phone but also not a great phone. The camera is lacking and did not meet the expectations that I had. The speak...
TNLADY · Review provided by walmart.com
Simon's review of Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
February 15, 2022
Pros: The phone is easy to use & navigate and has a lot more ringtones, alert tones etc to choose from, which is an improvement on previo...
Simon · Review provided by tescomobile.com
monica's review of Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
December 09, 2021
Cons: As I had a samsung phone many years ago, I cannot log into any samsung apps on the phone as I cannot remember the phone serial numb...
monica · Review provided by tescomobile.com
Andrew's review of Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
June 28, 2022
Pros: Excellent battery life Cons: The camera is terrible, especially the zoom camera. It will just not focus properly. Have tried multip...
Andrew · Review provided by tescomobile.com
Good enough but top heavy.
September 22, 2021
In my opinion the A32 does lag & the screen freezes requiring a few taps to jump start things a long. But the sound quality, picture qual...
Opinions Vary · Review provided by Google
OK phone, but too SLOW
May 30, 2023
OK phone, with lots of features, but it's very SLOW! It takes several seconds to recognize a click on its home screen, every time I go to...
ComputerBobDotCom · Review provided by tracfone.com
Denis's review of Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
October 01, 2021
Pros: Battery life and 4K video recording.. Cons: I replaced a Samsung A40 with this A32 5G mobile... Not one of my better ideas. Apart f...
Denis · Review provided by tescomobile.com
Kenny's review of Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
April 21, 2023
Pros: Not an upgrade to older versions, in my opinion, so no good points. Cons: Slow and my reception has decreased dramatically. 5G mobi...
Kenny · Review provided by tescomobile.com
Solid mid-range device
June 12, 2021
This phone is decent. It does all the basic things well, but it's quite bulky and heavy, and isn't the fastest. I have the 5g version so ...
Alex · Review provided by Google
Failure at walmart.com
December 27, 2021
Though I'm sure the phone itself worked nice, however we didn't get to find out. I had purchased the phone from walmart.com for my son's ...
Claire · Review provided by walmart.com
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