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Had to fight for it but it was worth it!
November 05, 2021
Loving what this card brings to my build. Alongside my Ryzen 3600 this power train has plenty to keep my games and music production hicku...
Noyzi07 · Review provided by Best Buy
Great performance, kind of loud under high usage.
September 11, 2021
This GPU works wonderfully for gaming, and is a considerable improvement over my previous 1060. The only downside this card might have is...
Lucas S · Review provided by Micro Center
Fine for modest gaming
April 28, 2022
Decent card. Especially for 4K dual screen Windows use. This is an LHR card so I don't recommend it for mining. I get around 31 hash rat...
R · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
Great Card
March 19, 2021
This card is everything I needed to fully complete my setup. I was able to secure one on launch day, after waiting outside the store for ...
Erenalp Y · Review provided by Micro Center
Great 1080p GPU if you can get your hands on it
June 03, 2021
3060 able to run most of my games at 1080p max settings with at least 60fps, and in many games my i5-6600 was the bottleneck. Also capabl...
John G · Review provided by Micro Center
Only get this card if you truly need one.
July 27, 2021
Decent card if you have enough below a GTX 1070, but anything more is not worth the upgrade. The MSI version of 3060 is $90 more than RTX...
PCBuildingNovice · Review provided by Best Buy
Ok value to performance
October 01, 2021
The value is so-so for this brand with the markup from reference models. But so far no graphics issues and can't complain because landing...
playitup · Review provided by Best Buy
April 15, 2022
All round good card, the price is decent with the current market at the moment. It's a shame the back of the card is plastic and can be a...
Nikita S. · Review provided by awd-it.co.uk
Not bad, but there’s better for price
March 12, 2021
Nice card. Runs everything at 1080p. Was nice to her seeing you can’t find anything right now. If you can get a 3060ti or better I say go...
Mags · Review provided by Best Buy
Expensive 3060
July 18, 2021
A bit too much for a 3060, Especially if advertised for starting at $329 but that's MSI for you. Otherwise the performance of the 3060 is...
soga2130 · Review provided by Best Buy
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