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Does the job it was meant to do
April 21, 2021
Needed a new phone since old one didn't stay charged as long as it should. Not sure I like this one but then again I really don't like ta...
Faith · Review provided by walmart.com
Very happy with this phone if 2 things were fixedwould love imput
December 26, 2020
So far so good. Ive had the phone for a month & its definately taken some hits, but its holding up like a champ. It holds a charge great....
Doree Harper · Review provided by Google
Feature rich phone for less than $100
July 08, 2021
My first impressions with the A01 were positive; I was surprised to see everything was compatible almost like a mid-tier model. Basic fun...
aadumaadu · Review provided by Samsung
Pretty good for the price
August 15, 2020
I changed from a samsung J7 to this slimmer samsung phone. The pictures are better, but it does lag on apps, browsing and videos, but tha...
Trina · Review provided by walmart.com
Setting up - UGH! But OK now that it's working
August 12, 2020
Note: my first smart phone. BAD initial experience, but... Full story: Have an account with Verizon currently. Bought this phone. Tried ...
James · Review provided by walmart.com
Decent phone, but can't move apps to SD card.
October 28, 2020
This is a pretty decent phone for the price. This phone is an upgrade from my LG Rebel 3 This phone charges quick. It has a type c charge...
Tracy · Review provided by walmart.com
So far so good! Nice phone!
December 16, 2020
This replaced a Galaxy Core Prime that I had for many years. This A01 is thin, and slippery! The older phone I could easily hold; this A0...
Quietguy in CA · Review provided by tracfone.com
Good smart phone.
March 01, 2021
This is a nice, little smaller than most smart phones, but light weight, clear to read and just as good as any other smart phone. This is...
StacyE · Review provided by tracfone.com
Decent Magic Device
January 27, 2021
Decent smart phone for a decent price. No thrills, but works well as a basic smart phone. Lags a bit, but not badly. Maybe not the best a...
BenjiBeeches · Review provided by Best Buy
NOT BAD - But Wish I had my Samsung SkyPro J7 back
April 29, 2021
Lost my my Samsung Skypro J7 that I've had for years. Replaced it with this AO1, assuming it would be similar. I'm an Uber driver and I w...
Upallnt · Review provided by tracfone.com
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