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So handy to have!
February 17, 2022
I always let my phone discharge to a certain level before charging it, in order to lengthen the battery's life. Of course the time to cha...
Polly B. · Review provided by anker.com
Hi anker, good day.
July 02, 2022
Hi Anker, It’s my first time to have a powerbank from anker, and I was surprised it’s so big and heavy, I thought it’s just as little as ...
alvin s. · Review provided by anker.com
Good quality and capacity for the price.
June 09, 2021
Despite being relatively cheap, it feels sturdy and the usb ports are not loose at all, if anything they are slightly tight. The size is ...
· Review provided by anker.com
An Essential Item in this Modern Day and Age - Buy It
August 15, 2020
Still rocking a Samsung Galaxy S6 and even though I personally replaced its battery with a genuine replacement. I seem to find that with ...
· Review provided by anker.com
J7 Minus 1
August 13, 2022
This is a great product. The display is great. You can see everything in HD with power bank hooked to your device. It provides pure energ...
· Review provided by anker.com
Awesome charger - lightweight & slim, easy to carry
May 24, 2021
This charger is a lifesaver. Awesome on vacations / flights / etc. I carry it around in my bag + always have cables for both Apple & Andr...
· Review provided by anker.com
Great charger! Priced well enough to buy several- no more fighting!
June 03, 2021
Love this portable charger! Priced low enough to let the kids use them for their school tablets (& not worry about them dropping my other...
· Review provided by anker.com
Extra Power
November 27, 2022
This little Anker power bank is a work horse! I appreciate that I can have it charged and it will remain charged while not in use for ext...
Marc · Review provided by anker.com
Good item, meets specs
February 15, 2021
I got this USB battery bank recently and tested the capacity. In industry, the capacity is tested at the battery before it goes through t...
· Review provided by anker.com
Anker is the best
August 13, 2022
I first discovered anker when I got a new phone at t mobile. I got anker white adapter and worked awsome. Since they I've stopped on anke...
Kidink · Review provided by anker.com
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