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NOT user-friendly, plagued with issues
November 19, 2022
Very disappointed with this product. My dad needed an iPad because his old one had a screen so cracked the Apple people couldn’t fix it. ...
Carrie Stauffer · Review provided by Google
Please read!!! Buy at your risk...
July 29, 2022
I have no idea why this product is rated so high. Please read this, walmart is an extremely unreliable retail seller. Apple care was stil...
Olivia · Review provided by walmart.com
Waste of money!!!
November 21, 2021
I bought an Ipad Air 4th gen about 2 weeks ago from Dandenong south Goodguys store. Unfortunately i made wrong choice as this gadget is s...
Ashok · Review provided by thegoodguys.com.au
Very Disappointed
May 14, 2022
The iPad appears to be in fine working condition, however the order says Space Gray and I received a Sky Blue iPad. The scratches on the ...
Nadie · Review provided by walmart.com
No good
October 23, 2022
The item is pure trash. I am disabled and don’t have any one to send it back. I emailed daily sales to let them know that the item would ...
· Review provided by dailysale.com
April 13, 2022
This product did not even work one day. I understand it says refurbished but it did not hold a charge for more then 5 minutes. I charged ...
walmartshopper · Review provided by walmart.com
You get what you pay for…
July 12, 2022
The refurbished iPad is flawed. Continually shows 100% charged when it isn’t. There’s something wrong with the battery. Just started usin...
· Review provided by dailysale.com
Doesn't work
January 07, 2023
It doesn't work. It glitches. It's obsolete. Can't hold newer apps. Doesn't stay charged. The charger it came with, broke. I've never bro...
Kristin C. · Review provided by dailysale.com
Apple service can’t fix.
July 30, 2021
Big hassle! The iPad locked up on us. The only way according to Apple to fix it is to connect to iTunes on a PC. The problem is, however,...
Jean · Review provided by walmart.com
Dies unexpectedly after short use
January 05, 2023
We ordered two for our kids for Christmas. One works great. The other dies after a short amount of use regardless of charge and the volum...
Michelle M. · Review provided by dailysale.com
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