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Improved since my last one from early 2021!
May 02, 2023
I own an older 20gal IM dropoff tank. In early 2021, I replaced the original AC pump with the MightyJet Desktop. After just over two year...
Joe · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Mightyjet 5389 Great in Biocube 32 LED
August 09, 2021
Re: Mightyjet 538-- I took the base off the pump and it fits in the third chamber in a normal orientation without problems. With the base...
Michael · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
A nano reefers best friend!
December 24, 2022
So far I've had this running in my 22 gallon all in one for about a month or so and I'm 100% sold! When my old AC pump bit the dust, I di...
Zach F · Review provided by innovative-marine.com/
Quiet, but a bit overpowered for IM NUEVO 20
October 09, 2019
Background: 4 year old tank that recently had Sicce 1.5 go dead. This was a replacement for the backup pump I\'ve been running since. The...
Jocatman · Review provided by marinedepot.com
Edit from original review
July 20, 2022
Small but mighty! Originally said it doesnt push water like it says it does, however I discovered I had dwarf cerith snails lodged in my ...
Derrick · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Great Nano Pumps
December 02, 2022
Im soo impressed by the little workhorses. I have 3 total (all 538gph)..One in a Biocube 32, one in a IM 25 lagoon and one as a circulati...
Adam · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
What? Why? How?
August 30, 2020
Pretty much what the reviewer said, Everything was going fine, and then I get this error code e5, completely shutting off the pump and ma...
Pablo · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Running w/o problems for years, great value.
April 16, 2021
I wasn't always as good about pump maintenance as I've become in the last year. However, this pump keeps on going. In pervious years I'd ...
Toby · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
September 16, 2022
I love it! Great little pump. Got it for my UV sterilizer. Love the difference in GPH and the sizes of the tubes that can fit on it. Very...
Zachary S · Review provided by innovative-marine.com/
Very fine pump
August 13, 2019
Just a heads up. I purchased this as a replacement for my return pump in my Redsea Max NANO. I checked and double checked both pump measu...
Len · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
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