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Slightly exceeds expectations but could be better
September 28, 2021
Good monitor overall. 5-stars for gaming, 3-stars for everyday use, so we'll meet in the middle and say 4 stars total here. Picked up thr...
Jimmy Russellin · Review provided by dell.com
A half decent middle of the road monitor
December 30, 2021
Firstly, lets start with the physical features. The monitor is very light at 16 lbs, and has very little bezels at the top, left and righ...
J V · Review provided by dell.com
Great monitor - very pleased!
February 21, 2022
Upgraded to this from the S2719DGF and am happy I did. The colors are better and this seem to be a better panel overall. The slight incre...
Scott · Review provided by dell.com
good display panel with poor monitor stand re-design
December 21, 2021
The panel is sharp with good and vibrant colours. Displaying coating is sufficiently decently with minimal reflection and glare, and did ...
tanrong · Review provided by dell.com
July 26, 2022
I ordered my wife a new Mac mini. It is a much needed upgrade from her 2013 iMac. The mini needs a monitor so I went to the Dell website ...
JR · Review provided by dell.com
G-Sync doesn't work / Misleading information
May 28, 2022
I bought this monitor along with my new Dell G15 gaming laptop for the fact that this is a G-Sync compatible monitor. To my surprise, th...
RJ · Review provided by dell.com
Top notch QHD HDR monitors at a good price point!
August 01, 2022
PROs: + 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time + QHD (2540 x 1440) for a very reasonable price + Sharp text and graphics + Good color ...
Boyd P · Review provided by dell.com
The ideal solution to share your personal and Work From Home space
October 15, 2021
When the pandemic hit back in 2020, all the team members at my company moved to working remotely with the hope that we would eventually g...
Davis · Review provided by dell.com
Great quality, only minor nitpicks
January 17, 2022
I purchased this monitor for work in my home office, having never previously owned an external monitor for my work laptop. It has more th...
Neill · Review provided by dell.com
Very awesome monitor in my estimation
January 17, 2022
I wanted to upgrade my monitor from an old Dell that I had, which I loved. The old dell looks awesome despite it being like 10 years old,...
Clayton · Review provided by dell.com
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