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All Good
May 11, 2022
All Good - Followed Instruction Email - No Problems Very Important - You cannot forget your login or password. If you decide to use this ...
Verified U. · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
January 31, 2022
Although last year’s experience of the installation and activation process was 5* and incredibly straightforward, for some reason, I had ...
Diane I · Review provided by 2gosoftware.co.uk
Account not work proper
August 22, 2021
My ORDER #12299 was on 22 Dec 2020. The account was perfect. However, it has been locked for a few week, thus I wrote email to saler's em...
Thi T.N. · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
If you're buying this for the 5TB of lifetime data storage, don't. Just don't!
June 18, 2021
If you're buying this for the 5TB of lifetime data storage, don't. Microsoft will lock you out eventually. I've been using it for over 9 ...
Ian S. · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
Ripped off! And a refund requested
June 07, 2022
I have renewed my membership for 12months in Jan 2022. For some reason my office suite suddenly stopped working and your product suddenly...
Dorcas W. · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
Easy to purchase and install
January 11, 2022
We purchased this product after our other lifetime office 365 purchased elsewhere wouldn’t work after having it for two years. We were sc...
Tracy · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
Works great
September 29, 2021
The product is genuine and works great. My only gripe being that I am not able to change the username to my name. If that can be done, it...
Rajnesh K. · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
Lifetime product expired in 5 Months - Office 365 Prof Plus For 5 - Email doesn't exist anymore
December 20, 2020
Bought this product on 8th August 2020 (order #6649). 5 users licence for lifetime. Now I am getting message that I cant use the product ...
Aseem G. · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
No license to use office365, admin needs to assign a license
April 18, 2021
Similar feedback to some of the others. Purchased office 365 in March 2021 and was working fine initially. Now, after a month, the licens...
T D. · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
Great price and Awesome experience
August 12, 2020
Hello All, I was also bit confused with mixed reviews, but I thought worth trying this life time multi device Office 365 version with 5TB...
Microsoft O.3.P.P.F.5.D.L.P./.M. · Review provided by softwareg.com.au
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