790 reviews
Almost good, but drives me crazy
May 04, 2022
I like how this monitor looks, and the thin bezel around the edge with no logos is great. However, there are a couple issues that drive m...
AnonymousTechie · Review provided by LG
MIssing pixels after a year of use.
April 26, 2022
I bought this the end of march 2021 and its now end of april 2022 and have a line of mixing pixels that appeared at the bottom of my moni...
GED9000 · Review provided by LG
Great till it's not..
June 08, 2022
I bought this monitor near launch last year and have had it for a year and a week today. At first my HDMI 1 port stopped receiving any si...
Groot96 · Review provided by LG
too much buck for the bang
July 18, 2021
The image is good but comes at a high cost and I have two major issues. The screen settings control is a kind of joystick under the frame...
CyannaS · Review provided by LG
Sleep bug should be top priority
January 19, 2021
The LG 27GN950 is a visual great monitor for the price. As others have mentioned. It has 90% of the features at half the cost. Visually i...
MATTHEW · Review provided by adorama.com
Good monitor when it works.
April 02, 2022
Great monitor when it works. Been having issues with it for a while though. It turns off randomly, and was giving a buzzing noise occasio...
Harlemkid118 · Review provided by LG
September 07, 2021
After months of trying to buy this monitor, I finally got my hands on it. But once I set up the monitor the left side of the monitor was ...
Gamerman27 · Review provided by LG
HW Color calibration is broken
October 15, 2020
The monitor is pretty good for general gaming use, unless, like I did, you are also using it for colo critical tasks and planned to use t...
mariosav34 · Review provided by LG
Hardware design and QC issues
November 05, 2020
Bought this monitor a couple of weeks ago and I will be returning it shortly. Bought this monitor a couple of weeks ago and I will be ret...
Roelt · Review provided by LG
Deep Sleep Issues
July 07, 2021
Fair warning. Buy this monitor at your own risk. The display is awesome but the monitor has issues when your computer goes into a deep sl...
djpapeleta360 · Review provided by LG
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