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Solar Koi Fountain
July 08, 2016
This fountain is very cute and looks like the pictures. Because it is solar the pump only works when sunlight is direct. It will sputter ...
Shorewood Gardener · Review provided by Target
August 04, 2017
It is very cute. I read the reviews about the solar pump only working under direct sunlight. I ended up getting this because my 5 year gr...
Cwaddell · Review provided by Target
Koi Pond
July 04, 2017
Yes, it only comes on in direct sunlight, but it's a nice little surprise when suddenly the water is flowing. I have it outside on a ston...
Barb · Review provided by Target
Fun, small solar fountain
April 27, 2021
I've wanted a fountain like this one for years. I'm happy that I finally purchased one. It arrived on time in recyclable (cardboard) pack...
651kseitz3 · Review provided by ebay.com
Very beautiful! The Pump not so Great!
July 04, 2019
Very nice looking. The color is pretty and it looks great. The pump is garbage. Slow flowing and needs 100% bright full sun. The pump is ...
PB · Review provided by Target
Attractive garden accessory
April 26, 2020
A beautiful addition to my small patio. The color is exactly as pictured. The only negative is that the solar panel does not store the su...
Carol · Review provided by walmart.com
Great product overall!
May 05, 2013
The assembly is easy and it works great, and very well packaged. The Koi fish fountain is great for small flower beds. The solar panel po...
jport344 · Review provided by walmart.com
DIRECT sun required
May 21, 2018
this bird bath is so pretty, I really wanted it to work however if anything blocks the direct sun overhead- a cloud, a tree branch, it do...
rachel27 · Review provided by walmart.com
Perfect for deck space, with access to full sun!
June 30, 2020
Works great with full sunlight. Our deck is on the top floor so it works all day. But, if it is foggy and/or cloudy it will not work as w...
Hector7 · Review provided by walmart.com
Beautiful little fountain
July 03, 2017
Heavy, solid ceramic bowl with a beautiful cobalt blue glaze. Set up in minutes and the water started flowing as soon as the sun hit the ...
Frenchpress · Review provided by walmart.com
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