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Good Price (If you can get it)
November 07, 2021
This isn't so much a review of the Samsung Tablet as it is a review of the West Jefferson NC Walmart. I checked Walmart.com for price and...
Michael · Review provided by walmart.com
Cheap flimsy gadget
November 30, 2021
I purchased to update my Samsung Galaxy S2. This does not even come close to it. Very cheap design. Cord is flimsy and short at 28 inches...
Ramona · Review provided by walmart.com
It's only a Tracking Device
March 03, 2021
My husband and I have Samsung Galaxy phones, so we're familiar with Android system. He has a similar tablet and uses it frequently. His d...
W · Review provided by walmart.com
Slower than molasses
August 05, 2021
this tablet has an immensely slow response time or no response at all. i can press for the keyboard to pop up and have waited & waited fo...
Mary · Review provided by samsung.com
Terribly disappointed
December 11, 2020
Colours extremely dull and not as vivid as an earlier Samsung model (mini-tablet). Also, the icons appear 'amateurish' in design. Bought ...
xrp fanatic · Review provided by samsung.com
Do not waste your money or time
March 15, 2021
The OS is extremely convoluted and not user friendly at all. It took over a half hour to set up only to reveal a slow, unresponsive, u...
DJames · Review provided by Target
Nightmare for homeschooling
June 10, 2021
This tablet is a nightmare for homeschooling. The raise hand and break-out rooms of Google classroom aren't compatible with the software....
Mel · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Screens both broke within 6 months
July 15, 2020
we had the previous version of this kid tablet for years when my kids were toddlers. when the charging ports broke on them, i stuck with ...
· Review provided by samsung.com
Not worth it
November 13, 2020
This is the 2nd samsung device I tried. The 1st one was a smartphone which was returned. It, like this tablet was extremely frustrating. ...
Enida · Review provided by walmart.com
outdated clunker
November 23, 2021
2GB of ram? really samsung? this thing was outclassed and outperformed three years ago! today, it's just sad to see so many people thinki...
tony · Review provided by walmart.com
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