24 reviews
Purse and a toy in one
August 04, 2021
A tiny purse , cross body bag made A tiny purse , cross body bag made especially for kids. My daughter and I were grateful that we had th...
ElleC · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Great bag.
August 10, 2021
I received the puppy purse pet to review honestly. #GotitFree. This purse is adorable, and came set up with batteries included. My daught...
Jamieh · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Purse pets super adorable !
July 23, 2021
Love it. Great material. Wont wear easily. The colours are amazing. My daughter says it's her favourite purse. She's 7 . She said thank y...
Lynntheresa8 · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Purse Pets
July 30, 2021
Its cute! You can get a limited edition purse and there are four different styles in total. We love the rainbow ears on the purse dog as ...
Kamana · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Perfect Toy & Accessory Piece!
August 04, 2021
Despite having 2 boys - I was so pleased to receive this Purse Pet to test out as we are strong believers that toys are for everyone and ...
Tiffy1324 · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Make them smile
July 31, 2021
When they first open the package, the eyes light up. Rainbow ears, big eyes and a purse! So excited! Then it started making noises!!! The...
Kiahkat · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Cute and fun accessory!
August 08, 2021
My daughter loved adding this to her accessory collection! It is very cute and has nice, simple features. It is a bit heavy for its small...
AshleyD · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Such a cute puppy purse!
July 30, 2021
My daughter loves this purse! It’s so cute and funny. I love the expressive eyes. We will definitely need to get the other characters.
Kate · Review provided by walmart.com
Cutest purse ever
August 13, 2021
This purse is a perfect gift for children and teenagers who love interesting and beautiful bags! My friend's daughter was in seventh heav...
Meerisha · Review provided by spinmaster.com
Made me the cool aunt
February 20, 2022
Fantastic product. Very well made and cute! Great price and delivery time! Getting this Wal-Mart exclusive made me the cool aunt!
Tiffany · Review provided by walmart.com
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