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Not happy.
December 30, 2022
So these reviews were off and on with good and bad reviews. So I figured I would take a chance. While opening the box I noticed a scratch...
Julianna · Review provided by walmart.com
Good product, made cheaply and Apple doesn’t want to be bothered.
September 17, 2021
I love my 12ProMax over all. However. The other day, mine broke. The back of it shattered. You might be wondering “what?? phones can stil...
Sara Holm · Review provided by Google
I’ve been loyal to iPhone since the 4
December 28, 2021
But this phone is the one that has me believing I’ll be switching brands when I need to upgrade. * It’s stupidly overpriced. *Overheats q...
Renee Stephens · Review provided by Google
Its a good phone but no different than an Android
August 11, 2021
Ive seen many people say that having an iphone is an upgrade and that its better than android. I dont agree. In fact, I have switched ove...
Jazarahahahah · Review provided by Google
So Disappointing
June 20, 2021
The components of this phone are probably great and the camera is the best so far, and I’ve used iPhones for over 12 years, but the funct...
Katie A · Review provided by Google
I hate this iPhone, here is why
May 18, 2021
Real review. I've been using the Samsung Note for 10 years, since (Note1 to Note 8) Finally my wife decided that it was time to try what ...
Juan Carlos Garcia · Review provided by Google
Not worth it stick to iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max
February 06, 2021
Don’t know who is writing these reviews but save your money sis! I’ve been with Apple since the iPhone 3G. When the back was silver and c...
Penelope Marsden · Review provided by Google
Poor user experience and lack of accessories
December 15, 2020
The phone is gorgeous and there’s no denying the camera and features are great but I’m having a HUGE problem with the lack of battery per...
Wendy H. · Review provided by Google
20 year trucker - not recommended
December 17, 2020
20 year truck driver: not recommending the iPhone 12 pro max - 1st... it's too wide to not fumble around just answering a call. 2nd... I...
K D · Review provided by Google
Problems with Charging Port
April 07, 2023
The phone looks great on the outside. It’s the inside of the phone I am most worried about. The battery hasn’t charged to 100% since I go...
Alex · Review provided by vzw.com
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