85 reviews
Rabbit approved, rats not to much
September 26, 2021
This was yet another purchase I originally bought for my ratties. I was certain they'd love this since they liked to climb, but they didn...
Twigs · Review provided by Chewy.com
Amazing For Chinchillas
April 29, 2022
I have nothing but good things to say about Oxbow. One of the only brands I trust with my baby. I love how everything is safe to chew on ...
Adorable · Review provided by Chewy.com
Good product design, but not my hamsters favorite
February 07, 2021
I got the small size for my male Syrian Hamster and it fits great in his cage and offers the right height for him to access everything. H...
Lee13 · Review provided by Chewy.com
Cleo Bunny Stress Reliever
November 29, 2021
Yes, I call it a stress reliever for Cleo Bunny. She attacks it with a vigorous gnaw. It's not the first one of these I've gotten either....
DLR1 · Review provided by Chewy.com
Great for my Bunnies !
November 03, 2021
This is a great toy ! My bunnies love this toy because it has natural colors. They chews the seagrass mat a lot but if they chew it all I...
Lana · Review provided by Chewy.com
June 28, 2020
I originally purchased the small for my 8lb. Californian buck (Finn) and he was absolutely head-over-heels for it. I rescued him Feb. 202...
Chelsea · Review provided by Chewy.com
Gréât toy
June 19, 2022
Great bunny toy. Nice size.lots of things to chew. Comes with wooden posts you can attach onto a cage. Has a screw mechanism that cinches...
Veggiedoc · Review provided by petco.com
Entertaining and big, but hard to put on the cage
January 11, 2022
I ordered a large for my two chinchillas and it is almost too big to put it where I want it, so I would recommend a medium sized one of t...
jm1234 · Review provided by Chewy.com
September 27, 2020
This is my new favorite thing on earth. My piggies are so picky with everything they won’t even touch Timothy hay. I have been searching ...
Lulu248 · Review provided by Chewy.com
Highly recommended, esp for destructo-bunnies
July 08, 2021
I’d bought this for Hops since cardboard was getting boring for him, even after I made him a cardboard box city/ kingdom. Sheesh! The pla...
hopsnbarleysmom · Review provided by Chewy.com
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