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Not A Good Idea
January 25, 2022
I should have read the other reviews before buying. I bought this as a present for my little sister and not even a week later the phone w...
Joy · Review provided by walmart.com
Not new - refurbished
June 16, 2021
I believe this to be a refurbished phone and not a new one as stated. Firstly, nothing was sealed. I could take the seal on and off as mu...
kieran2010 · Review provided by ebay.com
May 08, 2022
This phone is very used for long time and resold to. It seems like it has been hammered and the cover and bottons has been broken. This p...
Djamada · Review provided by walmart.com
December 18, 2020
Received the phone just in time for my mothers birthday! Was so excited I opened the package and plugged the phone in right away! Phone l...
Elijah · Review provided by walmart.com
12 year olds first phone
January 29, 2021
This was a Christmas Gift for my 12 year old son. His first phone. The day he opened it he tried to use the camera and the screen starts ...
Cassie · Review provided by walmart.com
Don’t buy
February 12, 2019
I bought this phone to replace my IPhone. I recieved the phone in the mail and put my SIM card in to activate it. After I got an error me...
Lakesun · Review provided by zulily.com
Looked good. Functioned horrible!
July 25, 2020
Was happy when I opened the box. Phone looked cosmetically good with only a few scratches on screen. Once powered on it was all downhill ...
JSAerotech · Review provided by walmart.com
Kiss Electronics Inc. One Star *
March 13, 2021
The Apple iPhone 8 Plus arrived on time. The quality and grade was not an A but grade B or worse. The screen/glass has deep gouges/scratc...
Albert · Review provided by walmart.com
June 18, 2022
The unit hearing section was loaded with dirt. It was packed in the hearing section and had to be removed by a tooth brush. it toke about...
Fiore · Review provided by walmart.com
Defective phone
February 10, 2021
I did not receive a “like new” phone that was “fully functional”. I got a phone that was damaged internally. After struggling to set the ...
Jennifer · Review provided by walmart.com
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