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Waterproof me pleeease
March 03, 2022
I had the Samsung galaxy 9 before this phone and I loved it. Sadly it was ran over. This phone disappoints in comparison. It runs slow. A...
Reve · Review provided by samsung.com
Samsung updates create havoc
July 27, 2022
I have been a proud, long time Samsung Android phone owner for years. With my A52, upon application of a Samsung update within the last 6...
Lynne · Review provided by samsung.com
Will be returning...
March 11, 2022
Have been using for a week. I have to charge it 2-3x a DAY! I dont heavily use it. I havent changed my habits since my previous phone or ...
Lynn · Review provided by samsung.com
Internet stopped working after about 3 weeks.
April 04, 2022
I bought it less than a month ago. I loved it at first, but then the internet just stopped working. It had nothing to do with my wifi - i...
BlueWB · Review provided by samsung.com
Consistant Problems
January 23, 2022
I purchased this phone in June 2021. I have had constant issues with wifi and connections with this phone. Now just today it decides it w...
MelissaSue · Review provided by samsung.com
Samsung always hanging issue 😒. Battery drain App lock not there. Over all 28k is not justified this phone Samsung A52s 5G 8GB/128GB variant.
February 12, 2022
This phone cames with 8 gd ram but still hanging when gaming frame drop is there.. Fingertips very slow . Low light pictures not good. Ap...
Subham Das · Review provided by Google
No wireless charging
April 11, 2022
Had to replace an older Samsung S7 Active on a recent trip due to the battery not holding a charge. I sure miss the old days when a batte...
rab722 · Review provided by att.com
Get something better.
February 05, 2022
Went from a Galaxy S9 to this and wish I hadn't. When connecting to Bluetooth in my car, I have to turn BT off and on a bunch of times be...
Jessica Devlin · Review provided by Google
Very disappointed with my phone
November 20, 2021
My old Samsung was acting up at 2.5 years so I upgraded and almost immediately I started out having same concerns as with old phone. I am...
Missy · Review provided by samsung.com
Camera results and battery issues
July 11, 2021
I bought A72 in 80k. Phone's speed, size, resolution is too good but battery draining issues as compared to 5000mah were not as per my ex...
AHMED54321 · Review provided by Samsung
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