76 reviews
I love the size and convenience of this machine to a point.
August 20, 2021
I bought this machine to help in making cards. I used it once and it seemed fine. The second time I went to use it the glue/paper from th...
Dardo · Review provided by zoro.com
Love but it malfunctioned
December 27, 2022
I love this product that I got for Christmas it's so cool I mean you make stickers! But the sticky stuff inside completely fell apart so ...
Rad Ruby · Review provided by xyron.com
Just got it
January 27, 2023
I love it. Easy to use, it doesnt tear easily but you can always just cut it or tear it slowly. It takes up very little space making it e...
Chloe · Review provided by walmart.com
Love it
October 22, 2014
I absolutely love this thing. I make Christmas cards almost every year and I used to have to hand glue each small piece, now with this is...
SammieNicole · Review provided by walmart.com
Great Crafting Supply!
June 05, 2018
I'm a young artist and love to use this machine. I love to turn my drawings into stickers for my friends, family and myself. It's easy to...
MELISSA · Review provided by staples.com
February 04, 2015
I had just recently heard about the sticker maker and was so Happy to find it on Staples website and at a great price too. I ordered it a...
crafts · Review provided by staples.com
A Lot of Knife for the Price
January 02, 2019
Great little pocket knife for the price. Fits in your boot, watch pocket or clips on your pocket. Small enough to be a comfortable carry ...
army33-1959 · Review provided by ebay.com
its broken
December 25, 2022
got it for my daughter for a christmas present... first sticker she makes...it breaks and shes in a crying mess bc her present dosent wor...
Angelia · Review provided by walmart.com
I think mine is defective
August 24, 2016
I purchased this a few weeks ago and it is not peeling the sticky stuff from around my sticker... Everything is sticky. I thought the car...
V · Review provided by walmart.com
Very Pleased! :)
February 12, 2016
I purchased this item because I have heard a lot of people using this for the planner stickers and how great it works! I agree!!!! For th...
MeliSV · Review provided by walmart.com
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