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Just Make Kids Toys For Kids (Toy Twerks)
October 24, 2020
Not happy. I thought it danced -it actually 'twerks' -which is not cute anyway, but especially when your daughter copies. Perhaps I shoul...
· Review provided by target.com.au
December 18, 2021
misleading info on the box says "dance to 3 epic songs" There's only one tune which is very short and then the thing stops. I'd say a tot...
anonymous2022 · Review provided by target.com.au
Twerking Llama
September 15, 2019
LOVE!! My kids love this! It is fun, hilarious and a genuine good toy. My kids range in ages from 1-7 and play with it in some way every ...
CrazyTwinMomX2 · Review provided by Target
shipped the wrong one
June 24, 2020
Ordered online and got the wrong color. Actually ordered 2, one purple and one rainbow and was required to go to store for pick up of pur...
Gary · Review provided by walmart.com
Broke within 30 minutes
December 26, 2019
While this thing is absolutely hilarious and adorable, after 30 minutes we had a meltdown because the dang thing broke and wont turn its ...
Steffi · Review provided by walmart.com
Cheap ! Head fell off!!
December 29, 2020
Purchased on 12/29/20 and had to return back to local Walmart on 12/29/20 because the Head fell off within 30 mins of playtime.
Tiff · Review provided by walmart.com
Inappropriate Lama
October 26, 2019
Some might think, me, that the way the lama shakes its booty is inappropriate. I would not suggest getting this doll for children.
DJack · Review provided by walmart.com
The toy is NOT dancing.
October 06, 2020
The toy is broken and not dancing. I sent this as a gift to my niece in NSW (i'm from SA). I feel bad for my niece.
Randell · Review provided by target.com.au
Wait for a sale
August 22, 2020
Its alot of money for wot you get my little girl played for a day then never botherd with it again
· Review provided by Smyths Toys
This has got to be the worst excuse of a product and seriously not worth the pollution it'll cause.
July 04, 2019
This shouldn't be marketed towards young children.
Yaz · Review provided by thewarehouse.co.nz
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