3,230 reviews
Low Quality DBZ game
July 20, 2021
As a Dragonball Z fan I had to buy this game. Unfortunately it did not meet my expectations. Game centers around creating a character who...
GoldPanda · Review provided by Best Buy
Real Dragon Ball
March 26, 2021
I love Dragon Ball the anime, so I took a chance on this one with the understanding that I would have three dimensional fighting with all...
deestark1981 · Review provided by Best Buy
Better for older players
March 27, 2021
I purchased this game after my boys played it a ta friend's house. The reason for the lower rating is that we have been unable to figure ...
Wes4 · Review provided by Best Buy
An adequate game for a DBZ fan; otherwise skip
January 22, 2018
In terms of whether the game plays well, don't fret. The Switch version is competent, and when it comes to the bits where performance mat...
moomoo14 · Review provided by Best Buy
Not bad just not great
November 18, 2018
Overall wasn't as good as I thought based on reviews. The lobby where you navigate your character to talk to people slows down the action...
joreeyore · Review provided by Best Buy
Younger kids can have difficultly getting progress
December 01, 2017
Not really an mmo fighting game the game trailer makes it out to be. The grind is even worst and repetitive. I dont see myself playing it...
John · Review provided by Best Buy
Another DragonBall Game
December 03, 2017
I mean it's nice to see DragonBall in modern graphics but that's about it. This game is just a poor fighting game. Bad mechanics and char...
BlackStar · Review provided by Best Buy
Let down
March 12, 2019
It does take a while to physically play the game as the starting storyline drags on. The game play itself is very poor and boring. I swit...
k80ran · Review provided by ebay.com
Wait before buying
October 15, 2017
This game is lackluster. It did not bring me in like previous dragonball games. They just seem completely rehashed. I would only recommen...
BryanB · Review provided by Best Buy
Not great
March 09, 2018
I didn’t know anything about dragon ball and it hurts my ability to play the game. It has a lot of references to the show. Shut off after...
Masterninplater · Review provided by Best Buy
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