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This phone will be a beast for quite some time.
December 05, 2022
I've owned the s21 ultra since day 1 and all I can say is I am extremely happy with my purchase. I owned an iPhone xr prior to owning thi...
Ddubhotness · Review provided by samsung.com
Premium Android device. My favorite all time.
December 13, 2022
I'll start by saying that I'm someone who usually doesn't hold on to phones that long. I like to be on the cutting edge of technology and...
bdrsvt · Review provided by samsung.com
Great phone for the most part
December 20, 2022
The S21 Ultra is a good phone for the most part! Pros: Great camera which takes crystal clear photos and offers various editing features...
AngiePants · Review provided by samsung.com
The Best 5G phone even a year later
October 31, 2022
Samsung makes quality products that are durable. With frequent updates my phone always has the latest Android version so I can enjoy the ...
Galand92 · Review provided by samsung.com
Fantastic device!
October 23, 2022
This is the nicest phone I've ever owned. I've owned several galaxies throughout my life and while they've a been fanatic, this is the be...
magzredzz · Review provided by samsung.com
MKBHD helped me decide
December 06, 2022
I bought this phone about a year ago. I remember when small aspects of it were leaked before release, it made me want the device even mor...
Davion · Review provided by samsung.com
Awesome Phone. great features
September 22, 2022
Purchased the S21 Ultra to replace my S20. Have had the device for over 1 year at this point and it has been an amazing experience overal...
Al3azim · Review provided by samsung.com
Love this phone. Picture quality is amazing
October 26, 2022
I upgraded from my beloved s9+ and I am not disappointed. It's a little larger, but that's easy to overcome. Longer battery life, graphic...
Tinyyturbo · Review provided by samsung.com
Expensive but flawless operation, so far...
February 09, 2022
I purchased this phone directly from Verizon in Sept '21 after breaking my third Motorola. The price was a real mental hurdle in the buyi...
CincyBengalFan · Review provided by vzw.com
Can this be a better value than the S22 Ultra?
June 29, 2022
I had the s21 Ultra for about six months. I purchased the black 256GB, unlocked version with the snapdragon processor. Initially, the pho...
jamillgarcia · Review provided by samsung.com
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