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Great Price Great size Good Power Low End Graphics
June 16, 2022
I originally bought this PC to act as my main music production PC. I use the lastest version of FL Studio without any issues. I haven't h...
Herrero · Review provided by store.hp.com
Doesn't support two monitors
February 10, 2022
Don't buy this laptop if you have the goal of attaching two monitors. I was originally erroneously told that I could attach an adapter to...
HP Reviewer NJ · Review provided by store.hp.com
Windows 10 it is not
May 24, 2022
The laptop came very quickly although it was left outside my front door in the rain. When I started it up it proceeded to do update after...
Dogsesrob · Review provided by QVC
What's Missing
April 09, 2022
What's missing? no CD/DVD drive a nice to have item if you have some if you'd like to burn some music to play in your car. Keyboard is ha...
DAVID · Review provided by staples.com
Fast but cheap plastic
November 28, 2021
I found that the mouse is too sensitive. The skin felt cheep and thin . Lost sound for two days, also it showed a blue screen than timed ...
Trep One · Review provided by store.hp.com
The jury is still out
December 28, 2021
First, what I like besides the great price. I love the 17" screen. The keyboard keys are fairly sound feeling. Not being backlit doesn't ...
Tim · Review provided by staples.com
Great hardware, too much bloat
October 29, 2021
The hardware is outstanding. The software included is so bogged down with bloatware that it slowed the computer down. HP would be better ...
Tabletalker7 · Review provided by store.hp.com
Very unhappy
October 31, 2021
I bought this from the online store based on an online chat, and I am sorry I did. I didn’t know that it lacked a touch screen till it go...
Lindapie · Review provided by store.hp.com
Keyboard hard to see
March 07, 2022
Nice laptop, except for the keyboard, which is silver with light gray letters. I had to purchase labels to put on the keys so I could see...
REGINA · Review provided by staples.com
December 30, 2021
Cheap, not very cheerful Ram unable to operate at 3200mhz as advertised and no advanced bios options to fix problem currently running at ...
· Review provided by ao.com
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