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Big but sleek
January 13, 2023
I love this laptop. It’s screen is large enough to where I don’t have to use a monitor, which is great for on the go. The keyboard layout...
ELIZABETH · Review provided by staples.com
Windows 10 it is not
May 24, 2022
The laptop came very quickly although it was left outside my front door in the rain. When I started it up it proceeded to do update after...
Dogsesrob · Review provided by QVC
What's Missing
April 09, 2022
What's missing? no CD/DVD drive a nice to have item if you have some if you'd like to burn some music to play in your car. Keyboard is ha...
DAVID · Review provided by staples.com
17.3 laptop
November 19, 2022
Not enough usb ports. no card reader. not crazy about key board. too light to see. no back up lite. Too many things missing on this laptop.
LUCILLE · Review provided by staples.com
A good computer
September 01, 2022
The computer works fine, however I am having touble finding a operators manual to find out how to use it correctly. Perhaps a guide to sh...
ssafathearmed0 · Review provided by ebay.com
Windows 11 challenge
December 05, 2022
Purchased this computer last week for business. For the price it is a good value. Windows 11 is a pain the neck. Was this computer had a ...
IRWIN · Review provided by staples.com
Need File Transfer
December 08, 2022
Great machine, twice as nice as my last computer, but I have having difficulty arranging a file transfer/data backup appointment. I've go...
KEL · Review provided by staples.com
The jury is still out
December 28, 2021
First, what I like besides the great price. I love the 17" screen. The keyboard keys are fairly sound feeling. Not being backlit doesn't ...
SUSAN · Review provided by staples.com
OK, but not the greatest
June 11, 2022
The power key is in a very poor position, between the prt sc & Delete keys! The computer is faster than my older laptop, so that is the o...
CHARITY · Review provided by staples.com
Pretty good machine. Works fine.
November 09, 2022
Seems to work well. Launch time is good. Not real sure about the Intel I3 yet.
SCOTT · Review provided by staples.com
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