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Beautiful Slug`
May 08, 2022
maybe i just got a dud. but even after a warranty repair, this chromebook isn't performing as well as my old one that has much lower spec...
RSL Indy · Review provided by samsung.com
About 2.5 to 3 stars
March 26, 2022
screen is great and then everything is just ok. i read a lot of reviews and they are pretty much right. a lot of crashing, every time you...
Mark · Review provided by samsung.com
Good Chromebook
December 14, 2021
this device is good for many tasks. however the trackpad is not good and will not work on first click. it take multiple pushes and become...
Bowler · Review provided by samsung.com
CONS outweigh the PROS
November 11, 2020
google mic really nice as i have als. the screen cracked without dropping it. samsung's nj repair wanted over $400. no way loved doing po...
stone savage · Review provided by samsung.com
Great Chromebook - Poor Battery Life
July 11, 2021
samsung has outdone themselves with this high end chromebook. the display is fantastic, the keyboard is great and the design is sleek. no...
Airick · Review provided by samsung.com
August 21, 2021
i was quite excited to get this upgraded chromebook. on the good side it is lightweight, fast, very solid and has a crisp display. but th...
Disappointed · Review provided by samsung.com
Good until it wasn't
July 14, 2021
the first six months, and the last six months minus about two weeks i had this device it was amazing. great screen, fast, run linux apps ...
MDChromebook · Review provided by samsung.com
love and hate it
July 22, 2021
my sister and i bought two galaxy Chromebooks for our online classes and yes it is amazing i love the features. but i did have one proble...
jazz · Review provided by samsung.com
Wasn't as impressed
March 20, 2021
1st thing right off the bat, when i took it out of the box, the battery was completely dead. typically any product including cell phones ...
Themaddbaker2 · Review provided by samsung.com
Great laptop, terrible battery life
July 16, 2021
Battery life was terrible and overheats too often. Screen is beautiful. Love the S-Pen and the slot on the side! Looks amazing. Stylish...
Walter Lewis · Review provided by Google
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