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Turn around... Keep looking...
February 18, 2022
I love Google, I love my Samsung Galaxy phone so this looked like a dream combination! I would suggest doing your research but I thought ...
Molly Bindel · Review provided by Google
Excellent machine, do your research if it's the right one for you.
June 23, 2021
I was looking for a higher end chromebook to replace my 2015 l7 pixel chromebook that finally gave up the ghost over a second failed disp...
philandergore · Review provided by ebay.com
Problematic Chromebook
March 21, 2022
ordered the product in april 2021 and just a month later started having issues with the screen locking up that required power cycles to r...
RGF1 · Review provided by samsung.com
Beautiful Slug`
May 08, 2022
maybe i just got a dud. but even after a warranty repair, this chromebook isn't performing as well as my old one that has much lower spec...
RSL Indy · Review provided by samsung.com
Wanted To Love, But Had A Few Issues
October 29, 2021
when i first got this laptop, i absolutely adored it. the color and display were absolutely gorgeous. i loved the flexible design and tou...
Beth · Review provided by samsung.com
Trackpad Issues that Samsung Chooses to Ignore
March 15, 2022
purchased the grey version of this chromebook for my daughter in college and on day 1 the touchpad failed. returned and got this red vers...
Azian · Review provided by samsung.com
AWESOME Chromebook. Terrible Battery Life
April 25, 2022
this thing is really great. looks awesome, is fast, has plenty of storage for work, and cloud-based stuff. i recommend it. unless you are...
Cool Cool · Review provided by samsung.com
Awesome Device
July 09, 2022
i jave had this device since it was forst launched and i love it. i have jeard all the comments about the battery life. who exactly is us...
JohnB · Review provided by samsung.com
First Samsung Laptop I've Owned
May 04, 2022
everything about this chromebook is amazing except the battery life which is around 4 hours making it non-portable laptop to date and int...
ChromeOS Tech · Review provided by samsung.com
Fast, beautiful, lightweight
June 28, 2021
Pros: Beautiful and lightweight head-turner. The keyboard is very quiet and plesant to use - approximately at the same level as Google pi...
muslim.chechenov · Review provided by ebay.com
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