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August 26, 2022
I love my waterfall. It has settings on it that determines how fastslow the water flows. Only thing no on off switch. I have to plug in a...
MJ · Review provided by wayfair.ca
August 31, 2020
Would have been nicer with some sort of background instead of a mirror but it’s nice when on. I have to say there must be some sort of la...
madelynn · Review provided by wayfair.ca
August 06, 2021
The only thing I didnt like about this is that there is a sticker smack front and center on the glass that is extremely hard to get off. ...
terese · Review provided by wayfair.com
February 12, 2022
A nice addition to my spa. Every one loves it. I only wish a few more rocks were included.
Michael · Review provided by wayfair.com
June 26, 2021
So many compliments but it gets 4 stars for the amount of water that needs to keep being placed in this
Dana · Review provided by wayfair.ca
November 19, 2020
Looks great in our living room. It is a little loud and the light is way to bright, so we are going to replace the bulb with a colored one.
Erin · Review provided by wayfair.ca
June 22, 2021
Fits the decor perfectly. Adds an ambience that’s unmatched
Marcus · Review provided by wayfair.com
December 23, 2020
have to keep adding water - seems to evaporate rapidly
Stephen · Review provided by wayfair.ca
I love it!
November 13, 2013
This is the perfect addition to our new deck. It is beautiful and sounds fantastic.
Duane · Review provided by wayfair.ca
February 01, 2021
very pretty hate having to fill up the water regularly
Melissa · Review provided by wayfair.ca
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