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Quality is Bad
January 16, 2022
We have several other Live Little Pet toys and love them so when my daughter asked for this I didn’t hesitate to buy it. I’m extremely di...
MandaBuck · Review provided by Target
Lovely toy but the quality isn't the best
February 19, 2022
I bought this toy for my 4 y.o. 2 weeks ago. Took me a while to find one on the shelf that hadn't have any color chipping. Soft and funn...
An15 · Review provided by target.com.au
Great idea
October 16, 2021
So excited to get this for my daughter, she loves pigs. The packaging is open so you can test it but that also could let it get dirty. Sh...
Rudigucci · Review provided by character-online.com
Cute but have problem
August 14, 2021
i t is so cute and my daughter loves it. But it arrived with a broken nose. I tried to choose to replace a new one, but it was out of sto...
Love but more careful · Review provided by Target
My pet pig
July 04, 2022
My daughter loves pigs and she fell in love with this piggy when she saw it but I didn’t pay enough attention. There was chunks of paint ...
Ya · Review provided by Target
October 19, 2021
its super cute my kids loved it and still love it. i however am not so fond. its like this sticky rubber that attracts any and all lint, ...
mamab · Review provided by moosetoys.com
Adorable! But Plastic Is Already Messing Up
April 04, 2022
Super Cute! But Not Good Quality . The Soft Plastic On The Body Is Already Messing Up.... And My Daughter Has Only Had It 2 Days. I'm Not...
KG · Review provided by Target
good, but it hurts
December 25, 2021
my daughter loves this pig even though it keeps pinching her fingers. i decided to put my finger in it and got me really good! not a good...
Vince25 · Review provided by walmart.com
October 16, 2021
Yes this piggy is cute but be careful with the little ones fingers. My girls fingers have been smashed more than twice by the little legs...
Danger legs · Review provided by Target
dirty and pinches.
November 18, 2021
Everything sticks to its skin and when it walks it pinches finger if your kid is holding it. My daughter (3yo) still enjoys playing with ...
Roxygyrl512 · Review provided by Target
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