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Adorable little robot exceeded our expectations!
May 10, 2019
My father became a computer programmer in the early 80s, so I've been around computers since I could remember - when I told him about thi...
Michelle · Review provided by educationalinsights.com
Great coding beginner, but the user interface problematic
January 26, 2020
Artie is very cute and my son was very excited to get started with him. After puzzling out how to connect to him (which in itself is frus...
· Review provided by learningresources.com
A great Coding Toy at a great price
December 02, 2019
Artie is a great value for Money Coding toy which was given to my 8 year old son. He loved it right from the start and was so excited to ...
· Review provided by learningresources.com
Students Love Artie
September 14, 2019
Artie is very easy to set up and get started. I like that there are pre-programmed codes for creating things. If you are new to coding yo...
· Review provided by educationalinsights.com
Amazing STEM product!
December 06, 2020
I’ve taught programming for many years. I’ve also taught STEM classes for girls for about 15 years. I bought this for my granddaughter. I...
Grandma · Review provided by Target
Do not buy
February 02, 2022
My unit will not connect to the network. I have messaged the company through Amazon, this website, sent emails, and called. Never gotten ...
· Review provided by educationalinsights.com
The art of coding!
November 17, 2019
A great quality product, very well made and robust. Taking Artie out of the box and running through the setup was straight forward enough...
· Review provided by learningresources.com
Easy to Use Multipurpose Robot
September 24, 2019
Artie is an excellent way to teach students how to code and program. This robot draws lines, which is a perfect way to practice creating ...
Dena MissTechQueen · Review provided by educationalinsights.com
Great for beginners
May 08, 2019
I got this for my 10 yr old daughter who has never attempted coding before. This is a great toy for beginners. For starters it's extremel...
Sml · Review provided by educationalinsights.com
Super robot, great for getting children coding
May 19, 2020
This is a really sturdy robot and easy to set up. Was surprised that someone wasn't able to download the software as the software is on t...
feydrautha · Review provided by johnlewis.com
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