74 reviews
Really Great Betta Tank with some alterations
March 18, 2022
This tank is awesome, and seriously good looking as a planted betta tank with tons of room. Just know that the included filter is WAY too...
GhostSquash · Review provided by petco.com
Best Beta tank around!!
May 05, 2020
I absolutely love this tank. I use it for my beta. It gives him plenty of space and it looks great in my kitchen. It’s the perfect light ...
Cprovence · Review provided by petco.com
Great for what it's intended for!
June 12, 2020
I purchased 1 and then months later bought a second one. I had a betta, snail & ghost shrimp in tank#1, 2nd tank a Rose Gold betta& few s...
Debbie the Rottie2 · Review provided by petco.com
June 16, 2022
Quite impressed. Well made and stylish! Thinking about going back and getting the larger one too. I replaced the internal filter with a h...
Mark44281 · Review provided by petco.com
Bought for a Marine Quarentine tank
May 19, 2018
Wanted something small that I could use for a new saltwater quarantine tank for a new setup i'm doing. Nice quality. Not really for Saltw...
Dj64 · Review provided by petco.com
Great little tank
June 17, 2019
Overall, this is a really nice aquarium. Comes with everything you need to get started, although I'm not sure these lights are actually b...
zerp · Review provided by petco.com
Perfect for grow out tanks
August 14, 2021
I love it it is very nice it doesn't take up too much space I feel like it takes up just the right amount of space. I love that it comes ...
slayyyyy · Review provided by petco.com
Great looking tank!
January 28, 2020
Originally purchased this tank to plant the clippings from my main display tank. Few months later added some Neocaridina shrimp just to s...
Jo_do · Review provided by petco.com
Great little tank
August 24, 2019
I just bought the 6 gallon tank. I love it. I love that you can take the pump out if it needs cleaning. The tank is easy to clean because...
Zuly18 · Review provided by petco.com
Nice nano tank but paint on lid peels.
March 16, 2021
Like the tank but all the black paint on the lid peeled after a few days. I wasnt concerned as I had planned to scrape it off anyway. Tan...
JoeD821 · Review provided by petco.com
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