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Defective filter and fussy lighting.
May 17, 2022
Purchased this Aqueon kit online, and 30min after setting up my tank, and starting the included filter, it stopped working. I contacted p...
Jpurdue · Review provided by petco.com
Black background fades in just a few days.
July 21, 2020
The lid black background faded away in just a few days. A couple of days after purchasing the aquarium I noticed that the lid, which has ...
· Review provided by petco.com
Box not included!
February 04, 2021
Ordered online and was surprised when I picked it up. Aqueon has thought it a good idea to sell a glass frameless tank without a box to p...
polster3 · Review provided by petco.com
Quality issues
July 18, 2020
I purchase the aquarium kit a week ago. The glass canopy has a black background that started fading on the second day and now it’s gettin...
Nana25 · Review provided by petco.com
Thank God I noticed the leak before leaving..
June 25, 2020
I liked this because of the sleek look...size was perfect for my Betta, Mystery Snail, two Cory's and plants. I spent extra cash on a lig...
LizzieLoves2Ride · Review provided by petco.com
Missing Power Adapter for hood LEDs
August 18, 2022
Well I haven't even gotten the tank up and running but not off to a good start. Upon expecting kit when I got home I realized the power a...
Jgerma01 · Review provided by petco.com
Poor quality, thin glass
February 14, 2021
I've had this tank for about 2 months. I haven't had many issues other then the discoloration on the top lid and the lighting sucks. But ...
Olivia N · Review provided by petco.com
Beautiful but not functional
May 11, 2020
My wife got one of those for my daughter as a birthday gift. We prepare everything as the instructions said. Waited 24 hours and added 4 ...
edgeran · Review provided by petco.com
Cracked tank
January 25, 2021
I purchased this tank for my son, he misses our 200 gallon set up and I’m so excited he’s interested in his own… Purchase this tank set i...
LisaLyn13 · Review provided by petco.com
June 25, 2020
I've seen this tank in Petco store alot and want to get it. So i happen to see it was on sale, So I could save a bit of money on my fish ...
Eric · Review provided by walmart.com
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