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My new comfort read
June 16, 2022
I loved this book. I wish it wasn't written in present tense, but even so I completely understand the hype this book got. To be fair, the...
Miriam · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
My New Favourite Novel!
July 10, 2020
This book somehow has a little bit of everything I enjoy - interesting family dynamics, modern-day politics (literally!), royal intrigue ...
Faith · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
one of my favorites of all time
July 15, 2020
This book left me on a high. I have read a lot of mixed reviews. I know that there was a lot of hype surrounding this book and in my opin...
VERONCIA · Review provided by booksamillion.com
I Strongly Encourage Anyone To Read This Book
October 01, 2020
I had been putting off reading Red, White & Royal Blue for longer than I care to admit. It took a friend of mine on bookstagram suggestin...
GoddessofBooks · Review provided by booksamillion.com
good read, though somewhat inaccurate
June 23, 2022
i loved this! tbh, it was a little inaccurate, but the banter between alex and henry made up for it. its quite a popular and even controv...
kiara · Review provided by booksamillion.com
Good but repetitive
September 29, 2020
What does one say about a book that has thousands of reviews?! Well, first of all I LOVED Alex’s character! He was loud, outspoken, and d...
Danielle · Review provided by Target
May 16, 2021
THIS.BOOK.IS.AMAZING. Red, White & Royal Blue has received a decent amount of hype around it and it is all well-deserved! This has become...
A. Walker · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
such a cute story, 4.5/5!!
July 19, 2021
i thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, & it definitely deserves the hype!! i read it in one week, with a huge chunk of that in only two ...
katelyn · Review provided by booksamillion.com
Politics, royalty and unexpected romance.
June 27, 2020
I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. Super cute slow burn enemies to lovers story featuring two prominent world figures....
ST · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
Amazing LGBT+ Romance
February 19, 2021
Such a great book! I loved every part of it. The friendships between characters were written so well. It was really easy to jump into the...
KENNEDY · Review provided by booksamillion.com
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