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Easily overheats
April 25, 2022
I've had this laptop for less than a week, and while it is relatively speedy for my needs, it's been constantly overheating. The fan is t...
nic91 · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Not as well made as I expected
September 25, 2020
I recently purchased 4 laptops all in the $350-450 price range. This one and one other HP and 2 lenovos. The lenovos seem to built better...
MrsSunshine · Review provided by Best Buy
Hard to say if I would recommend or not
December 19, 2020
Had to exchange my first laptop as it froze repeatedly and then gave a hard disk error. The second laptop freezes on websites with video ...
Laptop · Review provided by Best Buy
Sorta Okay Laptop
October 30, 2020
Build quality on this is pretty subpar. It's all plastic and the lid and top don't line up right and is more flexible than I'd like. If y...
hansmoleman007 · Review provided by Best Buy
Great Laptop for Zooming
August 28, 2020
Did not intend top use this except for Zooming. Took it back to set up Zoom by the Geek squad and it was set up incorrectly. Went back to...
Snowman · Review provided by Best Buy
Not great.
September 15, 2021
If you’re wanting this for simple browsing, you should be okay, but I thought I could use this for school and I had 3 tabs open, plus wor...
Britt · Review provided by Target
Get a better machine
February 14, 2021
I should have tried this laptop out more at the store. You can't have more than 4-5 windows open, i.e. Word, Internet, e-mail, etc. befor...
freeholdbuyer · Review provided by Best Buy
Made out to be better than it is
February 06, 2022
I recently purchased this laptop to only have it less than 2 weeks. It’s already overheating, making a decent amount of noise and I’m run...
Ladybug · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Not good enough for MS Teams
September 19, 2020
I bought this laptop with the hope of having my daughter use it for virtual school. Her school is using MS Teams and the laptop would com...
Bcap · Review provided by Best Buy
Touch Pad does Not Work like it Should
September 18, 2020
I picked this up on 8/8/2020. I started to use it the following week. The touch pad is lousy, when you tap it -most times Nothing HAPPENS...
Lainee · Review provided by Best Buy
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