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Expect Less For What You Pay
January 05, 2022
My first MAC laptop and I had higher expectations. I've had this almost 1.5yrs and feel like the price ($2,399) was way too much for the ...
GENIE · Review provided by Best Buy
Not Quite as Expected
December 10, 2020
I've used a 13 inch MacBook Pro for several years now and wanted to get another one with a larger screen and more memory. This fit the bi...
DisappointedCustomer · Review provided by Best Buy
Overheats to Uncomfortable Levels
January 07, 2022
I love the computer however the overheating issue is not really something I expected. I reported the problem to apple and did the trouble...
James · Review provided by Best Buy
My first mac
August 14, 2020
This is coming from a lifelong PC user, who hasn't used an apple product since the Apple II in elementary school. I was looking for a lap...
Scott · Review provided by Best Buy
APPLE 2019 MacBook Pro 16 Inch Intel i9-9880H 16 GB RAM 1000 GB SSD macOS Catalina 10.15 AMD Radeon Pro 5500M Space Grey
February 25, 2020
Beautifully made laptop as you would expect a from Apple and b at this price point.The Things I love screen clear, good size, bright and ...
Matheus B · Review provided by stationerypacks.co.uk
2020 MacBook Pro versus 2017 MacBook Pro
September 06, 2020
I have been an Apple customer since the early 1980s and gone through everything from an Apple 2e to the first Mac to those tutti-fruiti c...
· Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Heat management issues
August 20, 2021
The MacBookPro is a fine machine and still my choice, but in the last couple years has suffered from a serious design flaw -- potentially...
MacBookProCustomer · Review provided by Best Buy
Difficult to learn if not an experienced mac user.
March 28, 2021
It seems like it's a great computer for experienced mac users. It was fast, quiet, long battery it didn't overheat. It was a little heavy...
pcuser · Review provided by Best Buy
Needs work
April 24, 2021
Nothing wrong with where I purchased the device; however, the device itself has had issues since the day I bought it. Random crashes that...
Anonymous · Review provided by Best Buy
So far, don't like quite as much as earlier model
October 13, 2020
I bought this to replace my 2012 MacBook Pro which bit the dust. The new model, like all Apple products, is sleek and elegant. However, s...
binky · Review provided by Best Buy
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