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Great starter earbuds
November 21, 2021
I am not an audiophile and only have one other pair of truly wireless headphones so I'll do my best to help another amateur with their de...
JustinD · Review provided by store.google.com
Pretty good for the price
March 21, 2022
The permanent nubs meat to aide in the fit limits how the buds rest in my ear and first create a good seal. I have to choose between too ...
TinoXIII · Review provided by store.google.com
Great everyday buds
November 27, 2021
These buds are great as everyday buds. Sound quality is about average, noise cancellation is passive and works decently well, lots of fea...
Nautilus · Review provided by store.google.com
Buzzes, but pretty good
January 18, 2022
These earbuds are pretty nice! They have a good battery life and good audio quality. They are easy to connect to devices, new or previous...
CTurtle · Review provided by store.google.com
Better than the first ones
November 28, 2021
Comparing these to the original Pixel Buds with the chord/rope.The Pixel Buds A-Series are leaps and bounds ahead of the original ones. T...
Curt · Review provided by store.google.com
Good for certain situations
November 24, 2021
These pixels have a good sound and strong enough bass for casual listening in quiet environments. I tend to wear them in the office becau...
Fjcatel · Review provided by store.google.com
Great sound and battery life, meh comfort
December 06, 2021
I wore these for about 12-14hrs combined this past weekend while shingling my garage. Once I got the correct sizes for my ears ( left- me...
Matt · Review provided by store.google.com
First Time Name Brand Buds
November 27, 2021
I've used two off-brand buds. These are MILES ahead. They stop playing music when you remove them, and they have smart controls. I gave i...
E_447 · Review provided by store.google.com
Good sound quality. Pairs great with Pixel phone.
March 13, 2022
I got these as a replacement for my Pixel Buds 2 which I accidentally ran through the wash. Unfortunately they don't sell them anymore so...
ynot2 · Review provided by jbhifi.com.au
A decent price for decent headphones.
November 28, 2021
These are nice headphones. I got them for free when I got a Pixel 6 Pro on launch day while porting my number to Google Fi. I primarily u...
Alex S. · Review provided by store.google.com
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