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Best of 4 and 7
January 08, 2022
The shift to first person perspective in RE7 was one of the biggest shakeups in the franchise's history. I'm in the crowd who thinks the ...
surlysurely · Review provided by Best Buy
A superb addition to a classic line of video
August 12, 2021
A truly genre defining experience, something the RE brand continues to provide which each addition to it. From the visuals, the complexit...
Rasper · Review provided by Best Buy
An exciting horror bash with its own identity
September 16, 2021
Easily a contender for my favorite Resident Evil game, it's like a greatest hits collection given its own very unique identity. It's not ...
wdya · Review provided by Best Buy
First Resident Evil I've enjoyed
December 12, 2021
This is the first Resident Evil I've enjoyed. I was never a big fan of the way the others played but I had fun with this one. I know thes...
Rndm1 · Review provided by Best Buy
A new high point for survival horror fans
November 29, 2021
Resident Evil: Village is a direct sequel to Resident Evil: Biohazard that was released 4 years ago. Once again you play as Ethan Winters...
Electronaut72 · Review provided by Best Buy
Chase Me Lady Dimitrescu
May 16, 2021
The last four Resident Evil games are absolute snacks. Short and satisfying tonally perfect snacks. RE VILLAGE has constant tension beca...
Kikaider01 · Review provided by Best Buy
Amazing next gen game!
October 18, 2021
This game is beautiful in every aspect and the art style is amazing. The re engine is really good as-well and i never encountered any bug...
JustAMan · Review provided by jbhifi.com.au
Best in the series
August 27, 2021
Capcom has set the bar for themselves and I hope they can meet it with the next title in the series. Probably my favorite Resident evil g...
Greg · Review provided by Best Buy
Yo this game is bussin
August 13, 2021
After buying and beating this game, I can say it was worth it’s price. The game has a more refined combat system. blocking is more useful...
Marty · Review provided by Best Buy
Beautiful and fantastic game.
May 21, 2021
I can't give this a review out of 10 like I would normally but I will start this game off by saying that it is a very solid game and on a...
McScrubs · Review provided by Best Buy
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