September 10, 2012
The product came & was is great shape but as soon as I tried to use it and turned the knob it broke! The sticker paper that comes in the ...
sburger411 · Review provided by
Leaves sticky all over
July 02, 2007
Bought my xyron 500 was so excited to use it the adhesive didnt' stick. I had to buy another cartridge and now the adhesive gets all over...
Debbie · Review provided by
Problem machine
May 15, 2004
Had trouble with this from the start. Cartridge that came with it was broke, then they sent me a new one, and I ordered another one so I ...
Carol · Review provided by
It's ok
February 12, 2010
Great idea but this model slips alot. I have to press down hard on top to get it thru sometimes. The 250 model works better.
Jennifer · Review provided by
Skip this one
November 28, 2004
The machine itself is OK but the cartridges are fraught with problems, jams, sticking to itself, etc. The 510 has a better designed cartr...
Julie · Review provided by
Breaks easily
December 03, 2004
The moving parts were broken within the 2nd time I used it. I can still operate it, but only buy manually pulling the cartridge through.
· Review provided by
Quality Poor
October 24, 2006
I just brought this machine and its broke. I have to manually feed material in.
Debbie · Review provided by
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