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Great Pump! Just Keep This One Thing in Mind and You Wont Want Another!
April 06, 2023
Love this pump, been running strong for over two years. Ive read about the infrequent loud sound it can make and I have that (as anyone c...
Nicholas · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Perfect water mover for smaller situations
March 10, 2023
I can see this being used to tumble chaeto in a refugium or just keep kalk slurry suspended. But I use mine primarily in temporary QT or ...
· Review provided by saltwateraquarium.com
Very quiet but doesn't work with wave makers
May 25, 2023
The pump has a lot of flow and it is super quiet but sadly I could not make it work with a wave maker. When it is turned on and off by th...
Ramesis · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Tiny size and safe flow
September 02, 2017
This is a tiny sleek and silent powerhead. I bought for stashing in the rear of my 60G cube but quickly realized it wouldn't flow enough ...
Kevan · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
Doesn't last
February 08, 2023
Got about 5 months out of this before the it started buzzing loudly. I'll avoid this brand in the future. The magnetic mount is very nice...
William · Review provided by bulkreefsupply.com
November 02, 2021
Great little pump it moves a good bit of water however it is a little large for my 6.8 gallon nano. I'll probably move this one over to m...
Lakeshia Mills · Review provided by Google Customer Reviews
December 06, 2018
Love this little pump. Was debating between this and the koralia nano. I’m glad I got this one. It is much smaller and nicer looking in m...
· Review provided by saltwateraquarium.com
Great Pump
February 12, 2023
Have this running in my sump to increase water movement it continues to run with no issues.
· Review provided by saltwateraquarium.com
Not bad, but not exceptional
March 21, 2022
Bought 2 of these, and 1 has given up on me already (after 2 weeks of use).
· Review provided by saltwateraquarium.com
just what i expected
August 09, 2018
Im using this to stir up my doses in my sump. completely silent. Perfect for the job!
· Review provided by saltwateraquarium.com
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