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Potent multithreaded performance
October 30, 2021
Bought this CPU as an upgrade from a 4670K. Was really nice to setup 4 movie titles to encode to roku, and come back in 15 minutes to fin...
nettronic · Review provided by microcenter.com
Asus Tuf B450 & R5 5600x
July 22, 2021
I has been a painfull couple of days. I installed this cpu in a Asus Tuf B450 plus gaming, with updated bios & chipset, but I still get r...
Anonymous · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
Get an aftermarket cooler with this one
November 06, 2022
Stock cooler does not cut it, at least not with the case I bought going to get a better cooler for the CPU and see what that can do and m...
LeonD · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Im sure its good? Hopefully a MOBO issue.
April 29, 2021
Upgrading from a 2600x to a 5600x on a ASRock Phantom Gaming 4 X570 MOBO. Updated Bios to version 4.00, confirmed on CPUz software that n...
Dan P. · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
First one did not work
June 14, 2022
First one did not work properly and caused random shutdowns of the entire system which took a painstaking 2 months to finally resolve tha...
Rhys S. · Review provided by pccasegear.com
Yo it works! With a few compatibility hick-ups as expected.
March 19, 2021
Great value. This value comes w/ some caveats. A few more headaches than Intel. But at least you get PCIe 4.0 now. For less than $300...w...
Vu N · Review provided by microcenter.com
Perfectly fine
February 04, 2022
A solid CPU for moderate to semi-heavy gaming. The only downside to the setup is the spring assisted mount for the cooling fan. It’s diff...
AWil · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Good chip
July 30, 2021
The processor is good don’t get me wrong but upon installation the top lid had a blemish on it and couldn’t tell what it is. Tried removi...
Review · Review provided by bestbuy.com
PCIe Gen 4.0 / USB issues still persist with AMD 5000 series
February 07, 2021
CPU is good as long as you don't use a PCIe Gen 4.0 GPU (NVIDIA or AMD) and expect to stream a webcam, games, desktop, etc. If so, you'll...
Rich · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
Great CPU, as long as it's not rebooting
May 19, 2021
The CPU is a great CPU, however I had to spend a couple days trying to figure out why the system would randomly reboot. It turned out to ...
Anonymous · Review provided by neweggbusiness.com
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