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iPhone 12 vs iPhone 6
September 23, 2021
The iPhone 12, released in September 2020 is by far the best phone product Apple has made so far and is one of the top competitors in the...
kdodd1119 · Review provided by Best Buy
iPhone 12 mini
November 20, 2021
Upgraded early due to my Motorola playing up. Investing in something I expect to last a while and with iPhones normally being out of my b...
· Review provided by o2.co.uk
the price and storage are good
February 05, 2022
The price is extremely good. The upgrade transition was seamless. Why isn't a charger and earpiece included? Not as sleek as my iphone 8 ...
pinkrosetopurple · Review provided by att.com
Fast and nimble, but apps need updates
December 02, 2020
The iPhone 12 mini is fast, very fast. Launching and running apps is fast, also 5G is obviously fast. It nice to have a phone that can be...
PaulL · Review provided by att.com
An upgrade for my old iPhone 6
December 04, 2020
This phone is great. It’s fast, and has a beautiful screen as well as a great camera. I have not upgraded phones for a long time because ...
DanJerrus · Review provided by Best Buy
Small. Compact.
November 02, 2021
If you are not interested in carrying a small computer or iPad around or placing a large piece of technology to the side of your head, th...
sudden · Review provided by att.com
Better than I expected, but also worse
February 27, 2021
Upgrade time came along, and I did my research. I have small hands, with arthritis in my 'phone hand' so was looking for a smaller phone....
PurrpleGnome · Review provided by vzw.com
Not what I Hoped For
September 20, 2021
I upgraded from iPhone SE 2020 to this. I like the size, weight and shape of the mini. However, the connectivity, both cellular and Wi-Fi...
Chuck in Massachusetts · Review provided by att.com
Glad I bought it
July 23, 2021
I do not want lots of apps or mega streaming, just basic stuff really plus a few really useful apps. The capability is there should I wis...
JCgirl · Review provided by johnlewis.com
Disappointed with connectivity
December 13, 2021
Traded in the iPhone SE 2020 for this. Unfortunately, the SE had MUCH BETTER CONNECTIVITY than the 12mini does, both Wi-Fi and cellular! ...
Chuck in MA · Review provided by att.com
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