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A (near) total disappointment
December 10, 2021
1.5 stars. I have been an iPhone user since version 2.0 and have enjoyed and relied heavily on each version since! Until now. My iPhone 1...
Lorrie McFadden · Review provided by Google
IPhone 12 Mini problems
November 18, 2020
Not AT&T fault, but received my Mini this weekend and noticed a big problem right away. When I put the Apple MagSafe case on, the phone f...
Rhan · Review provided by att.com
Warning, display quality issue!
December 07, 2020
I have received my new iPhone 12 mini one week ago, as a replacement for my old iPhone SE (1st series). The very first thing I noticed af...
· Review provided by digitec.ch
Awesome size . . . But,
April 27, 2021
The good - The Iphone12 Mini is the perfect size. It can be easily held in one hand and fits in pockets nicely. - The screen is easy to v...
iPhoneOwner · Review provided by vzw.com
Apple iPhone 12 mini display issues
December 28, 2020
After 11 days, the screen has developed a green tint on dark or light backgrounds around the right side from flora to bottom. When search...
Scott · Review provided by thegoodguys.com.au
Not For Me
March 10, 2021
Not any better than my XS. In the store this phone felt nice, but day to day, it still has me missing my 1st gen SE. Does NOT fit into al...
Alex · Review provided by vzw.com
31 year straight customer
February 24, 2021
I’m paying $1.08 a month for this (got a deal from verizon) and I wish I would have kept my old style SE,iPhone 12 mini’s battery is not ...
Disappointed · Review provided by vzw.com
Poor Battery
December 07, 2020
Initially loved this phone, however after the first few days I realised that overnight it is draining between 20-40% battery. This has ca...
Anon · Review provided by johnlewis.com
Works Poorly as a Cell Phone
March 07, 2021
Classic situation of corporate finger pointing and lack of customer support. My device frequently drops calls, has no service, and does n...
Jayne · Review provided by vzw.com
iphone 12 mini - terrible audio
October 13, 2021
The audio quality of this phone is horrible. Tinny and faint. It's much worse than my old iphone SE and, frankly, I wish I'd just replace...
VMarshall · Review provided by att.com
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