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The Real Deal
March 10, 2023
This system is absolutely worth the wait (and money). Coming from a standard PS4 Slim, it has MAJOR improvements on visuals and user inte...
BennA · Review provided by bestbuy.com
I don't know what the fuss is all about tbh
November 02, 2022
I've had a PS5 for a good few months now and I have to say even though the graphics are better, they're not much better than the PS4 Pro....
Koen1931 · Review provided by very.co.uk
July 08, 2022
Finally secured a PS5 after many, many prior attempts, and am very happy with purchase and bundle from ShopTo. Console is big. BIG. It's ...
Ben M. · Review provided by shopto.net
Gaming Beast!
September 13, 2022
This PS5 disc version delivery came on time in discreet packaging that only displayed the serial number. They surprisingly left it at the...
Tony · Review provided by walmart.com
Underestimated the performance improvement
April 30, 2022
While getting a PS5 was tough, it was beyond worth it. Coming from a PS4 Pro, the graphical improvements are impressive. But the most str...
Jordan · Review provided by walmart.com
I love this console!
April 28, 2022
Let me start this review off by say that I am a lifelong Xbox fan, and proud of it. I have owned every generation of Xbox over the years,...
Braden Baker · Review provided by Google
This bundle is well worth it if you like the game!
August 01, 2022
After 1 year and a half I finally got my hands on the PS5 thanks to Best Buy, I promised myself not to buy from scalpers no matter what. ...
Nour · Review provided by bestbuy.com
November 16, 2022
I had been gaming on my regular ps4 with an external hard drive for quite a while and eventually I started not liking game anymore becaus...
SillyGoofyGooberGoose · Review provided by bestbuy.com
PS5 awareness :D
February 23, 2023
Unless you got a lot of money to spare, at MSRP and for what I consider a proper one player gamer set up (a couple months ago when I got ...
mosby · Review provided by bestbuy.com
August 27, 2022
To note: I bought the disk version, this review is after a month's use. This is my first console that I have ever personally owned althou...
Enhle · Review provided by sharafdg.com
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