134 reviews
Excellent Chromebook value
April 21, 2021
Chromebooks are popular because they are easy to use, fast, inexpensive, and have all day battery life. They are this way because they ru...
DFN80 · Review provided by Best Buy
Great Chromebook!
January 11, 2022
Still early but so far so good! I originally purchased the spin 514 but with the radeon 3 4gb ram and 64gb storage and in all honesty it ...
BlazeOctane44 · Review provided by Best Buy
Fast, and great all-around tablet
April 23, 2021
When it comes to tablets and laptop crossovers, there are a few features that everyone commonly may look for: battery life, screen colors...
GoGatorsInCA · Review provided by Best Buy
Awesome Chromebook
November 28, 2021
This laptop I had my regrets buying while waiting for it to be shipped but I had limited options financially. I bought this chromebook wh...
Ramon · Review provided by Best Buy
April 22, 2021
The Acer Spin 514 Outer shell is a very nice touch and offers better protection over many of its competitors plastic ones. (Military 810h...
Fordman9870 · Review provided by Best Buy
This Chromebook Rocks!
May 06, 2021
I have used many Google Chromebooks in the past as part of my profession, but the Acer Chromebook Spin 514 is the best (in it's price ran...
kwebbster · Review provided by Best Buy
Would you care for some Ryzen with that laptop?
April 21, 2021
What a treat it has been to work and play with this brand new convertible Chromebook with a beautiful narrow-bezel 14 inch full HD screen...
mobilelawyer · Review provided by Best Buy
Solid Chromebook Option
April 21, 2021
I have been wanting an android tablet or a Chromebook for a while. Though I am primarily a PC Windows guy as an avid gamer, for anything ...
MountainLiving · Review provided by Best Buy
Great Value compromise in the ChromeBook Spectrum
April 28, 2021
I've had a few ChromeBooks over the years and anyone shopping for one will notice one thing pretty quickly - there isn't really a price s...
Wichawd · Review provided by Best Buy
Great laptop
April 21, 2021
This is the 3rd Chromebook I've had and they have all been easy to setup and use. Coming from Windows laptops my whole life, I like the f...
FutureP · Review provided by Best Buy
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