245 reviews
Strong smelling spray
November 09, 2020
This spray comes in a clear spray bottle with a nice quality nozzle. The ingredients are a cloudy white, milky looking liquid. I decided ...
AuntieM · Review provided by walmart.com
Smells good!
November 07, 2020
This mighty mint insect an pest control peppermint oil smells really good. The spray bottle makes application very simple, and the spray ...
Lauren94 · Review provided by walmart.com
not that impressed...
October 29, 2020
I got this item because I thought how great it would be to use something natural & safe for people & pets - And it makes a great insect/p...
Cardaddict · Review provided by walmart.com
Smells good, but how well it works? still unsure
November 02, 2020
It's still early on this, but what we've tried, we like. Clearly (as you can see) we have a spider problem, yet because we have small kid...
Mark · Review provided by walmart.com
Strong smell. My cat hates it
September 24, 2021
This is ok . Peppermint actually repels snakes so who knows it might repel Bugs too. The problem i have with this is I have a cat and unf...
paula · Review provided by walmart.com
It smells very strong
October 25, 2020
I like this spray because it's safe for kids and pets, it's basically just peppermint essential oil so it smells very strongly of pepperm...
Mandi · Review provided by walmart.com
Lovely scent
November 08, 2020
I love that this product is non-toxic and leaves a nice scent. I sprayed for ants and it seemed to work for a few days but the ants retur...
Hickorychic · Review provided by walmart.com
Great If Gotten Sooner
October 30, 2020
I sometimes get carpenter ants in my house and tried several other products that either don't work or work for a little bit then I have t...
MissNiecy · Review provided by walmart.com
Okay product
October 26, 2020
I sprayed everywhere in the front yard (small scrubs, weeds, patio furniture) and the rear deck (patio furniture, mums, plants). The smel...
Sookar24 · Review provided by walmart.com
Smells great, leaves white residue
November 01, 2020
I’ve had to respray and it’s only been 3 days. It smells wonderful so I know bugs don’t like the mint. But it is a creamy white and it le...
SamanthaW · Review provided by walmart.com
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