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November 14, 2018
This is a great way to experiment with different ink colors, or to buy ink colors for different seasons or events. The little glass bottl...
· Review provided by drop.com
May 07, 2022
I have this ink (didn't buy it from JetPens). I like the flow of all the herbin inks but the color is weird, it comes out darker and supe...
celeste · Review provided by JetPens
February 26, 2018
In terms of shades of blue, this is the one for me! Absolutely stunning color shift of both blue and violet. It's a bit watery for dip pe...
Jessica · Review provided by JetPens
January 31, 2019
A great way to try a different brand of ink, in a variety of colors. I'd never used any J. Herbin inks before, and now I know I can buy t...
ryanaeh · Review provided by drop.com
February 05, 2016
A few of the J. Herbin inks fade out too quickly -- Myosotis is one of those. The color has no body, really. Although if you like pastel ...
connierose0218 · Review provided by JetPens
February 02, 2019
Very nice tester size bottles. I purchased these to give away as Christmas presents to friends along with their pen. They've been using b...
cmoulder · Review provided by drop.com
June 10, 2020
Beautiful pale blue ink, use it in a fountain pen with a wider nib if you want a more saturated color. This color reminds me of Pilot Iro...
mlyong · Review provided by JetPens
August 13, 2018
J Herbin is my favorite brand of ink. Not too wet,not too dry. The colors are amazing. Its nice to get a good quality ink in several colo...
Mmcred9 · Review provided by drop.com
April 23, 2022
It's a really cute colour and it works perfectly with the glass pen I also bought on this site.
mutedmorality · Review provided by JetPens
November 07, 2018
LOVEEEE these inks. Loaded one up in my TWSBI 580 Medium and it's amazing. All the colors have so much character, it makes you want to wr...
Beccarooz · Review provided by drop.com
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