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Best Product I Have Tried - 90% Reduction Fast
August 14, 2022
After 2 weeks, roaches have been reduced by about 90%. I put small less than pea size drops in the corners of cabinets, above cabinets, u...
Jeep67 · Review provided by walmart.com
Worth it
July 31, 2022
I used this in combination with some Raid baits/egg trays. I am so happy to say 3 days later all i have seen is dead bugs! My neighbors h...
Angel · Review provided by walmart.com
Very pleased with results
November 27, 2022
The first time I used this product, I didn't see too much evidence that it was working, but I reapplied the product a week later and coul...
Opal · Review provided by walmart.com
Not working for my case
June 22, 2021
I have tried many roach killer, and this product doesn't show any efficiency in killing roach. Combat brand may have better result, but C...
quan_60 · Review provided by ebay.com
Good for roaches.
June 14, 2022
Cockroach bust---put a drop in every CORNER of the kitchen and bathrooms. If you see them do not spray them do not disturb them leave the...
ffwwooggyy · Review provided by ebay.com
Worked very well
February 19, 2023
This is very easy to use , was having a problem with German roaches used the product like instructed and it took about two days and didn’...
Abby · Review provided by walmart.com
Finally a product that actually works!!
October 27, 2018
I have been buying product for a few months with no result. I was just stating to accept the fact that I will have to live with a epidemi...
alphapr-h · Review provided by ebay.com
A product that Really kills all the roaches. Amazing Results.
July 12, 2019
If you have a roach problem this is a must have. It should be used a few days after an aggressive spray. A very small amount around the a...
vina61 · Review provided by ebay.com
It worked for us!!
April 08, 2019
After months of using sprays and bombs that required leaving the house for hours and the creatures still living, I found this product. Wi...
lilli783 · Review provided by ebay.com
DIY Roach Control
July 05, 2021
I found a large roach right after my annual exterminator service ended and decided to try my hand at do-it-yourself. I used the product a...
GuardianAngel · Review provided by walmart.com
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