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Cute and at the same time annoying
August 14, 2020
The Llama is so adorable. I want to keep it and not give it to my kids. So behind their back, I opened the box and start hugging it… when...
Schnitzel · Review provided by Target
Makes us laugh
November 27, 2020
This toy is awesome. I bought it for my Grand child and she loves it. I think I like it more. It makes us laugh. We push the button and i...
· Review provided by Target
Fun, silly toy!
February 05, 2021
Haha this thing is adorable! It originally caught my eye because its name is Bonnie (so is mine, lol) and I wound up getting it for my to...
bpep · Review provided by Target
Fun to watch kids and llama dancing and shaking
August 09, 2020
The Llama is super cute and soft! It’s actually also very hilarious to watch as an adult myself. I got this for my 3yrs old niece and she...
LoveRed · Review provided by Target
Just Make Kids Toys For Kids (Toy Twerks)
October 24, 2020
Not happy. I thought it danced -it actually 'twerks' -which is not cute anyway, but especially when your daughter copies. Perhaps I shoul...
· Review provided by target.com.au
Super Fun For The Kiddos
September 07, 2020
We got this for our little one for her birthday. I liked seeing an animal that was rainbow that wasn't a unicorn. We like the unicorns, b...
Deloris · Review provided by Target
Booty shaking fun!
August 05, 2020
This llama is adorable!!! My daughter is obsessed with all things animals. But llamas are one of her favorites. I found this while shoppi...
Carley · Review provided by Target
Super fun!
February 19, 2021
Bought one for grandma’s house and my little one loved it so much that I had to buy one for our house! It’s fun for everyone not just for...
Anonymous · Review provided by Target
Cute Toy
September 24, 2021
This Llama is super cute and love the rainbow colours. I would have given it a 5/5 if the song and dance went for longer. The music is to...
Liza07 · Review provided by target.com.au
Cute but Disappointing
August 15, 2020
Even though the website indicated that the rainbow color, which I ordered, was in stock, they sent me the purple one. Rainbow was the the...
Terry · Review provided by walmart.com
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