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The Hypest of Hypes
December 13, 2022
I am not a fan of drinking water, never really have been. I'm a coffee/tea/Blueberry-energy-drink type of guy. So when I tell you that th...
Mike P. · Review provided by gfuel.com
3 Stars
December 20, 2021
I’ve had this flavour before but something was wrong this time. It tasted like like there was half the flavour and tasted a little like...
Zachary B. · Review provided by gfuel.com
Solid energy boost
December 16, 2022
I went into this with all my friends whispering in my ear that it was great. My review for hype sauce is as follows : I could easily doub...
Cassandra B. · Review provided by gfuel.com
Hands down one of the best flavors I've ever had
January 15, 2023
My first experience was with the canned version and I generally find that the canned variants of GFuel flavors is almost never as good as...
Mathew J. · Review provided by gfuel.com
"So, what do you think?" .. Absolutely awesome way to lure us in! (It worked on me)
September 19, 2022
This is my second time buying gaming energy drink mix, and the first time it was a brand called Mixt. The BOGO is an amazing way to lure ...
Keith S. · Review provided by gfuel.com
Good stuff
September 27, 2022
Flavor is decent, mild and something I dont mind having every day. a little chalky, but after trying a couple different flavors, that kin...
Earl M. · Review provided by gfuel.com
Great product!
July 29, 2022
I was shopping for G FUEL Energy Formula and found the best price here. In addition to supplying this fine energy drink, Sportsfuel are e...
J.S. · Review provided by sportsfuel.co.nz
March 27, 2021
Heard about G Fuel from my brother who highly recommended it. Thought “why not”, gotta try something new. Wooooow! Gives me the energy I ...
Raili · Review provided by elitesupps.com.au
Best Energy Formula!!
October 08, 2022
This has amazing taste and it works so well! Best one I’ve found so far. Doesn’t have a bad after taste and it mixes great, even in ice w...
Kayla L. · Review provided by gfuel.com
December 23, 2022
I normally don't enjoy sugar free or diet drinks/drink mixes but I had wanted to try something new and heard about it from one of my favo...
Micheal B. · Review provided by gfuel.com
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