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A great device and accessible
June 29, 2022
I bought this A53 in early April, and already it has come out with several software updates. I am extremely pleased with Samsung adopting...
sonshines59 · Review provided by samsung.com
Great phone
August 19, 2022
I bought the A53 5G knowing it had the Samsung Exynos processor and it is good. Samsung's battery optimization software helps protect, pr...
Rhylock · Review provided by samsung.com
Superior storage, speed and superb photos
November 30, 2022
I upgraded from my old Samsung A20 as it continually ran out of space and everything was incredibly slow. Had to clear the cache daily. P...
Bewildered · Review provided by thegoodguys.com.au
Great Cameras & smooth Upgrade from a Samsung S7
April 02, 2022
Very happy with the A53 5G Australian E model made in Vietnam. I had perfect reliability with my old S7 for close to 5 Years that also wa...
Aus1 · Review provided by samsung.com
A worthy successor
August 21, 2022
I have been a Samsung user for 10 years. I have had a Galaxy S2 and an S7 previously. They have given great service over the last decade,...
Sam C. · Review provided by samsung.com
Great mid-range phone!
April 15, 2022
My S9 that's served me well for almost 4 years is now out of support, so I picked up this A53 5G as a replacement. I'm not a gamer, and s...
Dan99 · Review provided by samsung.com
Very happy bunny
August 03, 2022
I am very pleased with my new phone. My old phone was old (Samsung Galaxy S7) so this one is obviously a huge improvement on that. Faster...
Gizasmum · Review provided by johnlewis.com
A very elegant and practical device. It contains h
October 26, 2022
A very elegant and practical device. It contains high-level cameras, suitable memory, excellent technologies with a large screen and a cl...
· Review provided by samsung.com
Best phone period
May 13, 2022
I got two of a53 5G for me and wifey. First of all im a very picky guy when it comes to phones. And all i can say is this phone rocks. 5G...
Locopollo · Review provided by samsung.com
Delighted with my new phone
October 13, 2022
It took a long time to order a new phone. My old one was a Samsung mini - small, neat and handy to slip in a pocket. All newer phones see...
JL happy customer · Review provided by johnlewis.com
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