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Generally reasonable, but a bit disappointing
December 28, 2021
Having used this phone for a month, whilst it is generally good, there are a couple of weaknesses in vital areas, and overall I feel disa...
Antm345 · Review provided by samsung.com
Good phone so far but camera needs work.
June 03, 2022
I upgraded from an S9 and it was a good deal switching to Metro but I wouldn't pay full price and I will go into details why. I would go...
Brandy Catron · Review provided by Google
Mid Phone, Okay Starter
January 24, 2022
I got this phone for a decent price after switching from iPhone. It is a great starter phone for your teenager or a good phone for a work...
adriana2019 · Review provided by Samsung
Nice mid-range phone but Buyer Beware
July 13, 2022
I really liked this phone, I found it to be speedy enough for my needs with excellent battery life and an impressive camera. However, the...
DogMom2 · Review provided by att.com
Excellent for Value BUT Not for Long-Term Use
January 14, 2022
I bought this phone in July 2020 as my first brand-new phone for $200-$250 and an upgrade from a hand-me-down S7 Edge. At first this was ...
LoganW117 · Review provided by samsung.com
Good Smartphone
September 23, 2021
This is my 3rd Samsung Smartphone. Overall it is a Good, Budget Friendly Smartphone! Pros: I like the 64 GB, that provides plenty of room...
PurpleRoses · Review provided by samsung.com
Don't buy it.
July 21, 2022
Ordinarily phones will be fairly intuitive. But not this one. Would like to access the settings in order to change how long the display i...
chris sedlmayr · Review provided by Google
Galaxy A53
July 12, 2022
I 'upgraded' from A50 to an A53. Was disappointed to discover, that despite my research, it stil only has 4 GB RAM plus the ability to in...
Greymere · Review provided by samsung.com
It's pretty good and cheap phone, BUT
November 25, 2021
I just got the A52 5g yesterday, and the screen automatically turned black when it died and I was about to take my phone back cause I tho...
LizShay26653 · Review provided by samsung.com
Very Basic
April 04, 2022
Purchased the phone from T-Mobile as a temporary replacement for a lost Galaxy S21 Ultra. I knew the fact that this phone was very basic ...
EddieD · Review provided by samsung.com
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