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Unfortunately I Downgraded, old S8 to new A53
May 16, 2022
HOW DOES THIS PHONE HAVE A (4.5 RATING)? SOMETHING BOGUS! Many shortcomings with this phone but here's my main complaints. Camera over...
The Ramblin Georgian · Review provided by Google
Does everything I need
August 23, 2022
I've always had flagship phones in the past. I had a good think about what I need from a phone and decided that the A53 would do everythi...
siparamedic · Review provided by very.co.uk
I can't stand this phone
September 29, 2022
My first time purchasing a phone outright instead of financing it or purchasing off the street, and I am so disappointed! I usually love ...
Monica · Review provided by samsung.com
Worse camera ever and super slow.
June 06, 2022
Huge regret and issue receiving refund!!! I downgraded from my S9. HUGE camera issues. This phone can't focus on smaller objects like my ...
Ancient Knowledge · Review provided by Google
Cute colour, terrible phone
May 03, 2022
I've been a Samsung fan for several years now and I couldn't be more disappointed. The phone is mediocre at best! Slow, underwhelming, ba...
LJ90 · Review provided by samsung.com
Very disappointed! Overheating issue with no help to fix the issue.
April 25, 2022
My son bought this phone and it work "ok" for almost 2 weeks. He went to work with i t in his pocket and felt a tremendous amount of heat...
Tamara Kohnz · Review provided by Google
Bad camera app and can't be fix!!!
July 22, 2022
I got this ATE 5G a month ago cause my A70 is broken. Did all my research and seems like the A53 is a great phone. It got great cameras b...
Hinman403 · Review provided by samsung.com
Worst Buy!
June 23, 2022
I bought this phone in April to replace my Samsung Note 10+ since it was already turning off randomly. Yes, I knew it was a downgrade as ...
HateThisPhone · Review provided by samsung.com
Bad choice!
September 06, 2022
I bought this on July 18th. Unfortunately, I was out of country to return it! speakerphone is a mess! Even though update and troubleshoot...
Matt45 · Review provided by samsung.com
Galaxy A53 5G Overheating
April 27, 2022
Recently (on 15 April 2022) my friend bought a Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, from MyG store, Palakkad. From the day of purchasing mobile having...
Sudhakaran Nair · Review provided by Google
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