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Beautiful but frustrating
June 02, 2020
I love this fountain with bells. The sound is so relaxing and soothing and can be heard throughout our house. However, it seems every cou...
· Review provided by chimes.com
all bells dont flow free
June 11, 2012
I was disappointed there is on;y two bells that float around. Pictures are misleading. They do not hit the stationary bells and make a no...
pupbook · Review provided by Hayneedle
Pretty and good value.
January 31, 2007
The sounds are pretty nice although sometimes it gets annoying (I'd like a lower gong sound). I can predict that it will always hit the b...
RTH · Review provided by Hayneedle
Nice, but problems
September 04, 2010
Lovely fountain, but LOUD motor. Am contacting the company and/or Hayneedle to see if it's a flawed unit or, if this is the way the motor...
Feng shui-er · Review provided by Hayneedle
Mediocre product
July 14, 2008
If you use the product you can't return it. The motor runs VERY hot, so I'm scared to have it on when I'm not in the house. Seems silly t...
itsme · Review provided by Hayneedle
No bell sound,good design idea
April 14, 2008
Great idea, but hardly hear the bell and water sound. Even I sit right next to it, I can only hear bell sound. I bought another encore wa...
lea · Review provided by Hayneedle
Could be better
May 19, 2012
We really like the overall effect of this fountain but really wish that the pump motor was quieter.
Jerry · Review provided by Hayneedle
August 11, 2015
that it cannot be plugged in outside
pegster · Review provided by walmart.com
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